Since we moved in we have had the roof fully off and rebuilt it with reclaimed old slate.  All the upstairs walls were rotten so they had to go!  at one time we had just one massive space upstairs looking out to the stars where the roof should have been.  We have since then made the track up a little more civilized, we have cleared many wagon-loads of rubbish from the rear and have re-built the septic tank.  Come over soon and look for yourself!

Photographs. Click on the image to view at full size.

 All the pictures were taken in September 2002.

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The view over towards Pen-y-ghent
Kate's vegetable plot finally cleared of nettles
Kate scrubbing the slate floors clean of adhesive
The front garden, not finished but at least we can sit in it!.
The old water supply.  since this was taken it is in the process of being re-built.
The most immediate neighbours!
The view over towards Ingleborough
The view over to Pen-y-ghent.
New roof.
Area to the rear, cleared of rubbish and now made into a car park
Chris tiling the shower
New bedroom, nearly finished but not nearly tidy!
Guest bedroom
Kate paints the outside of the windows
Katie-cat our killer!
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