Photographs. Click on the image to view at full size.

 All the pictures were taken in October when we were looking at the house.

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The house in the middle with the workshop to the left and the main barn to the right.  the track going up through the picture is the bridleway, and the track that you drive up from the road, through the lower farm.
Another view of the main group of buildings, with the bridleway in the foreground.  The fields at the back of the buildings form much of the land. 10190035.jpg (280396 bytes)
The house taken from what is to become the garden. 10190032.jpg (261143 bytes)
Again the house, this time standing in the 'yard'. 10190021.jpg (262118 bytes)
The Main Barn viewed from across what will become the garden. 10190007.jpg (260070 bytes)
The view over towards Ingleborough 10190008.jpg (234869 bytes)
The Main Barn.  The previous owners used it to keep horses in. 10190022.jpg (272005 bytes)
The Field Barn.  It is at the side of the access track as you drive up.  Clearly it is need of some careful attention even if only to stop it from deteriorating structurally. 10190024.jpg (273378 bytes)
The view up from lower in the fields, showing the Main Barn, the back of the house and workshop. 10190028.jpg (273053 bytes)
Aerial photograph
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